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Programme: IKTPLUSS

Project Leader: André Hauge (IFE), Ricardo Colomo Palacios

Start Date: 01/02/2021

End Date: 01/09/2024

Project Code: 321324



Institutt For Energiteknikk Avd Halden (IFE), Fredrikstad Kommune, SNØ AS, Østfold University College, Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial, CSIC-UPC


SecuRoPS: Basic Information

User-centred Security Framework for Social Robots in Public Space

  • The SecuRoPS project will develop a user-centred security framework for autonomous social robots that can operate securely in public space. SecuRoPS applies a user-centric approach, where the proposed solution focuses on apturing the needs of social robot users as well as robot administrators/owners. The users are the passers-by that interact with a robot when it is deployed in its intended public space. Developing the security framework requires multidisciplinary expertise. Moreover, a partner with experience in public spaces management needs to participate. SecuRoPS includes a research institute (IFE), academia (HIØ) working in relevant research fields, a public sector actor (Fredrikstad municipality) providing pilot cases, a private company (SNØ design) that is at forefront of industrial design, and international partner (IRI) renowned for research in robotics. SecuRoPS will investigate the topic of autonomous social robots from the perspectives of: designing social robots for societal needs; accountability of security and privacy of social robots. SecuRoPS will also address the sustainability perspective; the outcomes of the SecuRoPS, including a prototype social robot, will be directly applied in an environment of sustainable cities and communities. Noteworthy, the field studies to be carried out involves a social robot providing daily assistance to the citizens/passengers taking the city ferry in Fredrikstad. These ferry services are being offered by Fredrikstad municipality as a part of its ambitions to provide sustainable – free and green - transportation to its citizens and visitors. This is a cross-cutting and multidisciplinary project with a close collaboration between our partners and strong involvement of public/citizens in a highly realistic social robot setting. SecuRoPS will lead to the advancement of knowledge, expertise, and capacity in the fields of autonomous robots and cybersecurity.

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